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Concerned or caring for a family member with a mental illness?

Stressed, worried, and unsure about how to help a loved one?

In need of support and coping techniques?

You are not alone!

The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) Essex NJ, Inc. and Intensive Family Support Services both strive to provide support, advoacy, and education to families in Essex County, NJ who are coping with a loved one's mental illness.  In a collaborative effort, we have developed this web site to provide an all inclusive support network for family members residing in Essex County.  If you are interested in learing more about our programs or the services we offer, please contact us at 973-509-9777. 

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) Essex, Inc.

NAMI Essex, Inc. was founded in 1980, when a group of seven individuals organized under the name of Concerned Families for Improved Mental Health Services.  The ideas that were formulated by the new group have changed the mental health system in Essex county.  We offer suggestions, monitor care and conditions and advocate for those who are unable to advocate for themselves.  We are affiliated with NAMI, NJ and NAMI National.  We attend local and national conferences to learn more about the latest treatments and research results.  Some of our members sit on State Committees where we advocate for legislation related to mental
illness, testify at hearings and bring back information to our members.  Since our inception, we have been working hard to
advocate on behalf of not only the mentally ill but for the families and friends who share deeply in their care.  We meet once a month where we come together to support one another and to also hear speakers on various topics related to mental health. 


Intensive Family
Support Services

Intensive Family Support Services (IFSS), a program of the Mental Health Association of Essex County, is a professionally run program designed to provide free supportive services to family members coping with an adult family member's mental illness.  Services may include supportive family consultations in our office or in the family's home, supportive phone consultations, educational workshops and lectures, professionally facilitated support groups and a drop-in center for consumers with mental illness.  On the following pages you will be able to access information on upcoming events and schedules as well as other information you may find useful for yourself or your loved one.


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